The Arabian horse Association Judges & Stewards office exists for the purpose of evaluating and educating current and future judges and stewards; maintaining the integrity of the Arabian breed both inside and outside of the show ring; and to provide accurate and updated information to the industry regarding the breed standard, rules and regulations and more. 




For more information on AHA's Judges & Stewards, please contact



Looking for forms, charts, Notebook Chapters, patterns or the Equitation Manual? Visit the Judges and Stewards Resources page for all the pertinent information related to Arabian horse judging and stewarding. 


Judges & Show Managers: Please use only current patterns found on the Officials Resource Page.



This educational section, known as the Commissioner's Corner, offers a variety of educational opportunities, video tutorials and more to assist in your education as you become a rated Arabian horse judge or steward. 



Seminar & Schools

The Judges & Exhibitors School and Seminar, Arabian Horse Judges Evaluation, and the National and Regional Interviews are all a part of the process of educating the future judges and stewards for the industry. Learn more about these important events and their dates and deadlines.




Looking for a current AHA Judge or Steward? Find them here, in the AHA Judges and Stewards Directory.