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AHL masthead-final-merged-purple with magazine Arabian Horse Life (AHL) is a magazine about Arabian horses and the people who love them.


Now a member benefit, all 18,500+ AHA members will receive a complimentary print issue of AHL, six times per the calendar year. For just a $50 AHA membership, you could get a copy of AHL for FREE! And for a limited time, the magazine is still available to non-members for a subscription fee of $40/year. 


Looking to advertise? AHL has the largest circulation of any Arabian horse publication and reaches ALL AHA members!


AHL magazine will include stories, infographics, editorial and features about:


  • People who express their love for the breed in big and small ways
  • Feature products utilized in AHA member barns and facilities
  • Training tips for hands-on amateurs
  • Profiles of significant individuals that moved the breed forward
  • Horses that inspire us and you
  • Highlights from AHA National Shows and Rides
  • AHA programs that reward and recognize your member involvement
  • Highlights of AHA and open events that show off the diversity of the Arabian breed
  • Stories of the romantic and fascinating history of the Arabian breed


...and much more! 


Arabian Horse Life magazine is also an award winning magazine within the horse industry:


American Horse Publications Media Awards


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2019 AHL Media Kit

For 2019 advertising opportunities and specifications, check out the Arabian Horse Life magazine 2019 Media Kit.


We also have advertising opportunities in each of our National Event Show Programs and special advertising packages. To find our more, contact to request more information.


If you are interested in advertising, download the insertion form here, or contact DeEtta Houts-Schey, Sales Manager at 303.696.4527 to be directed to a sales team member.



Submitting Your Advertisement


Please email Publications at and we will send you a DropBox link to our Advertisers Folder where you can easily drag and drop (upload) your Ad File(s). Please also name your file(s) accordingly so we can identify your Ad from other Advertisers. Example: ABC Horses Full Pg Ad AHL Issue3.pdf

In addition, a low-res screen shot must be sent to or faxed to 303.696.4599, ATTN: Advertising



First four photo scans per page are at no charge. Five or more scans per advertising page - $250



Photographs, Artwork and Writer's Guidelines - PRINT ONLY

Glossy color photographs unmarked and untrimmed are preferred, however B&W are accepted. A rough sketch of any desired artwork is satisfactory. The publisher is not responsible for photographs or artwork; however we will make all attempts to return them.


For camera ready deadlines see the 2019 Media Kit.

Click here for a cheat sheet on AHL advertising specifications.



Full Page/Bleed Size …………… 8.875" x 11.375"
Full Page/Trim Size …………….. 8.375" x 10.875"
Full Page/Live Area …………….. 8.000" x 10.500"
2/3 page …………………………… 4.65" x 9.47"
1/2 page …………………………… 7.125" x 4.625"
1/3 page (Vertical) ………………. 2.2" x 9.47"
1/3 page (Square) …………… 4.625" x 4.625"
1/4 page …………………………… 3.44" x 4.625"
1/6 page (Vertical) ………………. 2.250" x 4.625"
Two-Page Spread/Bleed Size 17.25" x 11.375"



The following are the digital specifications for customer and agency-submitted ads. Failure to adhere to these specifications may result in the ad materials being returned for revisions.

    1. The magazine uses a Macintosh OSX operating platform and therefore can only accept certain criteria.

Acceptable files include:


(.pdf) - Fonts MUST be embedded
  • CMYK
  • 375 dpi or higher image resolution
  • All EPS images saved in Illustrator CS1 or higher, all fonts converted to outlines.
  • Hard-copy proof, laser or screen shot MUST be sent to AHA, ATTN: Elizabeth Bilotta 
(.tif) - Flattened

  • CMYK
  • 375 dpi
  • LZW Compressed
(.jpg) - High resolution 375 dpi minimum at actual size

  • CMYK
  • 375 dpi
  • High or Maximum Resolution Compression Only


Acceptable storage media:

      Before sending any media, scan for viruses with an up-to-date virus scanning program. If a virus is detected on your media it will be returned to you for virus removal.

Acceptable electronic file transferring methods:




Please email Publications at and we will send you a DropBox link to our Advertisers Folder where you can easily drag and drop (upload) your Ad File(s). Please also name your file(s) accordingly so we can identify your Ad from other Advertisers. Example: ABC Horses Full Pg Ad AHL Issue3.pdf


Acceptable color profiles and resolution:


Images must be in a CMYK color mode
Images must have a resolution of 375 pixels per inch (375 ppi or 375 dpi)
All colors used in a document must be defined as CMYK process colors
Spot colors must be converted to CMYK


 Acceptable fonts


Type 1 PostScript fonts which include both the printer font and the screen font
TrueType fonts are UNACCEPTABLE.
(Due to time constraints, any fonts not submitted will be substituted with a similar font)
    1. Along with the digital file, a digital color proof or a high-resolution monochrome laser-print must be submitted at 100-percent actual size with crop marks (.TIF and .JPG files are exempt.)
    2. All advertising materials will be stored for three (3) years after the last issue in which the ad was printed and then destroyed unless written instructions for its return are received.
    3. When submitting ads, please pay close attention to the sizes on the rate card.


Writer's Guidelines


Interested in writing for Arabian Horse Life magazine? Please review the writer's guidelines before submitting material. If you have an questions, email



Arabian Horse Life does not condone the alteration of horses in photographs that appear in advertisements within the magazine and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of photographs supplied by other than its own staff. It's the reader's responsibility to satisfy themselves concerning the appearance and conformation of a horse before making a business decision.

Advertising containing pedigrees or claims regarding racing, performance or halter must conform to records kept by the Arabian Horse Association. Copy that is in variance with OFFICIAL RECORDS may be changed as necessary to meet this requirement WITHOUT THE CONSENT of the advertiser.

In case of typographical errors or omissions the publisher shall not be liable for damages beyond a percentage of the cost of the advertisement.


Artwork Guidelines and Pricing for Web Banner and Email Advertisements

Web Banner:


Homepage, horizontal banner 700 px w x 250 px h - Pricing is $300/month


Interior pages, tower banner: 275 px w x 350 px h - Pricing is $150/month


Preferred format: JPEG or PNG; 72 dpi


Email Blast:


650 px wide


Preferred format: JPEG, PNG or PDF; 72 dpi



For general inquiries about advertising in the magazine, contact


Marge Dixon

    Sales Representative  

  815.440.4035 or



 Marge Photo

    DeEtta Houts-Schey

   Sales Manager/Graphic Designer 




Bev Brinson

Graphic Designer 




Lauren Ebert

Sales Representative 






Elizabeth Bilotta

Sr. Graphic Designer




DeEtta Houts-Schey

Sales Manager & Graphic Designer




Bev Brinson

Graphic Designer



Payment Policy

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Payment must accompany all one-time ads, and the first four ads on all new 6-time contracts. Check for last invoice received must accompany or precede all established ads. No new ads may be booked if there is a past due balance on account.


Modern Arabian Horse is no longer in print, with it's final issue released in December of 2016. 

Recognized for Excellence, Modern Arabian Horse magazine received numerous accolades and awards, including:


AHP Award Ad_Border 

2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2012, 2010, 2007

American Horse Publications


2010, 2008, 2007

United States Equestrian Federation Pegasus Award Winner



United States Equestrian Federation Overall Excellence in Media Winner