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Stalling Info

Stall Panel removal must be requested through the facility
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Foxvillage Dressage Times


  • COVID and mask requirements, please click here for the latest guidelines from USEF.


  • The Youth National Show Commission has approved for horses already entered into Canada to move their entries to the Youth National/Mid Summer National show without late fees.  Entries must be in the show office by July 11 at 5 PM Local time and can be emailed to NationalEvents@ArabianHorses.org to meet this deadline.

Class 806 Dressage First Level JTR 14 & Under has been moved from Thrusday to Saturday after class 869 due to USEF time limits


Important Dates & Deadlines

Youth and Mid Summer Nationals - July 14-23, 2022, Oklahoma City, OK


Class 806 Dressage First Level JTR 14 & Under has been moved from Thrusday to Saturday after class 869 due to USEF time limits


Important Entry Form Information


  • Exhibitors are advised to use a form of expedited, traceable mail service when sending entries in order to ensure that their entries are received.
    • METERED MAIL will only be accepted with an official postmark from a post office from the country of origin that indicates the location and date the Postal Service accepted custody of a mailpiece, and it cancels affixed postage.


  • Entry Deadline   -   Wednesday June 1 Midnight (MT)
  • All Dressage & Sport Horse IH entries close June 8
  • Post Entry Deadlines
    • June 2nd thru Thursday June 23rd midnight (MT) - Online entries will be available
      • $500.00 per horse
      • please check the optional post fee
    • Friday June 24 thru Monday July 11 @ 5PM -  Must be mailed in
      • $1000.00 per horse
    • Adding classes for horses already entered
      • Must be entered on an entry form and waivers signed
      • June 2 – June 23 Entry fee plus $100.00 late fee per class
      • June 24 – July 11 Entry fee plus $200.00 late fee per class
      • Regardless of when qualified
  • Close for all new horses and added classes - July 11 at 5 PM Local time


  • Un-Qualified Classes
    • Horses and riders that are not qualified for some of their classes as of the closing date of June 1 but intend to qualify before the start of the show must enter all non qualified class. Failure to qualify for any class will results in a refund for that class.  If a qualification can not be verified, a qualification form signed by the show secretary from the qualifying show may be required before the non-qualified class will be qualified. 



Arrival & Stabling Information

  • Barn Manager Mike Moak (706-540-7326) moakga@gmail.com
  • Group Stabling due Thursday, June 23 Midnight (MT) In-House/Electronically Dated
  • NO ARRIVAL Prior to Noon Saturday July 9
  • If you enter after June 23 you must contact the barn manager for stalls










Exhibitor Forms





The VIP lot is currently sold out, if you’d like to be put on the waitlist email Lindsey.Phipps@arabianhorses.org. If you would like to camp in the general facility lot please contact the RV office at 405-948-6713.






State Fair Park

Sarah Schoenhoff, Catering Sales Manager




Jim Sproles Farrier Service


1222 Fairgrounds Rd, Duncan, AZ 85534




5308 N. Classen Blvd., OKC, OK 73118



Medical Services

Equestrian Medical Service, LLC

5722 Ridge Rd NW, Piedmont, OK 73078



Stall Mat Rental

Rent A Stall Mat Co




Web Live Streaming

Arabian Horse Association



Midwest Decorating Company

1510 S. Memorial Drive, Tulsa, OK 74112




State Fair Park Feed & Bedding Service

PO Box 74943 , Oklahoma City, OK 73147

405.948.6786 or 405.948.6787

Shavings must be ordered through the facility


Golf Carts


Jeff Janson Photography

PO Box 266

Commerce, TX  75429






Equine Athlete Veterinary Services

Dr. Brad Hill & Dr. Ty Wallis



Commercial Exhibits 

Located in the Jim Norick Arena

Commercial Exhibit Hours:

10 am – 7 pm