Open Programs

If you're currently riding and competing with Arabian horses outside of the AHA-recognized show circuit, the Arabian Horse Association Incentive Programs are designed for you. Whether you ride dressage or endurance, compete in local or Open shows or just enjoy getting out and saddling up for a leisurely trail ride, there's a program for you. 

Incentive Riding

The best ambassadors we have are those who take their Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses to all-breed competitions and demonstrate how athletic these horses can be.You can earn points for these Open competitions. Riders who participate in the OEIP will earn recognition and awards based on the number of points they accumulate in a variety of disciplines and events. Prize and award benchmarks range from 10-1,000 points.


Dressage Programs

The word "dressage" comes from a French term meaning training.

According to the United States Dressage Federation, "Dressage develops the horse's physique and suppleness and improves the horse's three natural gaits, making it a pleasure to ride. Dressage is considered 'classical training' because it uses gymnastic exercises -a series of movements and figures - which have been studied and developed for centuries. When done systematically and correctly, the exercises will cause the horse to be supple on both sides and to respond willingly and obediently, moving freely forward with pure gaits and an even tempo."


Recognition Awards

The Ambassador Award, Open Competition Award, and Distance Horse of the Year Award are designed to recognize Arabian, Half-Arabian, and Anglo-Arabian horses that excel outside of AHA. Horses nominated by the deadline each year are chosen by the AHA Awards Committee and then approved by the AHA Board of Directors at the Annual Convention each year.


Open Qualifying Programs

Open Qualifying Programs allow exhibitors that are involved in Open competitions to use their results to qualify for AHA Regional and National Championships.


*Please note that results from eligible Open Endurance and Competitive Trail rides can be used for qualifications without being enrolled in a qualifying program.