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To compete at the Regional or National level, a horse must be qualified. There are different rules that apply depending on the age of the horse and the particular class in which it will be shown. Riders who show in equitation or showmanship have specific rider qualifications that must be met


AHA Handbook

The AHA Handbook and Directory is a publications of the rules effected by AHA. These rules apply to organizational structure, membership, registration, competitions, prize money programs, recognition programs, youth programs and more. 


Show Management Info

Managing a horse show can be a 'trailer full' of work. But never fear! AHA has a whole stack of resources and information for our favorite show managers - you!


AHA Shows 101

In order to compete at the highest levels, both professional and amateur riders spend a lot of time on the road traveling from show to show, working their way through competitive events at AHA's Regional and National shows. Arabians compete at a variety of levels, from AHA, USEF and EC recognized all the way to the Nationals. The Horse Show Primer is a great introduction to the world of showing Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horses. 



Distance riding is a great sport for all ages and skill levels. It tests a horse's condition and stamina, rider intelligence and horsemanship under veterinary supervision on a cross-country trail. Most competitors own and train their own horses. Discipline, dedication and a sense of adventure are the most important ingredients for success. Competitive Trail and Endurance are the two most popular distance sports and Arabians excel at both. Other distance events include Ride & Tie competitions and Mounted Orienteering.


The Arabian Horse Association has many resources for all types of distance riders. 



The Arabian, Half-Arabian and Anglo-Arabian horse competes in a variety of disciplines. At any of the AHA Regional or local shows, you might see sport horses, working cow horses, pleasure horses, halter horses, driving horses, hunters, jumpers, dressage horses and so much more. Additionally, Arabians are the best in the world at endurance racing and also thrive on the race track. 


Dive deep into the diversity of the most athletic breed on earth!



Leveling was created to allow exhibitors with like ability to compete against one another in the show. Still have questions? Check out this awesome leveling F.A.Q.


Censures & Suspensions

Find a list of of the most recent censures and suspensions here.