Achievement Leveling

Leveling programs have been instituted in other breeds and disciplines with success and the long time desire of exhibitors to “Level” the playing field and to be able to compete with “true” peers in like ability and not be grouped strictly by ages.  With this in mind a dedicated committee consisting of exhibitors, judges, show officials and AHA staff researched and came up with a program.


With the passage of Resolution 6-13 at the AHA convention in 2013, the Achievement Leveling Program was established. The new program encompassed Select and added new levels of Choice, Elite and Primetime, and was put into the USEF rule book effective for the 2014 USEF competition year. 


Since so many people already were familiar with the “Achievement Awards Program” points (AHA Handbook Chapter 18) that system of points was selected to be utilized for the Achievement Leveling Program.


Recognized Sections


Leveling Sections Defined and New 2022 Leveling Points Chart - New Equitation Chart


Some Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a date that determines your level for the show year?

Yes, your level is maintained throughout the entire show year. Similar to the USEF rule about riders ages, it is December 1st  of the previous year.  Your Achievement level on that date will be your level for that current show year.  (Dec 1, 2017 for the 2018 show year).   Wins after December 1 do not count toward Achievement Level Status until the end of the current show year of November 30th.


What year do the Achievement Leveling points start?

They start with the year 2002, the year AHA started to keep track of all riders points.


What about the Walk/Trot/Jog rider, does that count?

No, Achievement Leveling Points are not earned in Walk/Trot/Jog classes and will not count toward the Achievement Leveling Program.


Does a one horse class count?

No, Achievement Leveling Award points will not be awarded in one horse classes at any AHA recognized competition. See Point Table for Shows in ACH 105.1


What about when I age out of the Youth division, will my points carry over to the adult division?

Yes, Achievement Leveling points awarded to an exhibitor competing as a Youth will be maintained by that exhibitor when they move forward and compete in the Adult Amateur Achievement Levels.


If I am a Select rider for HA/AA Western Pleasure, will I be a Select rider on a Purebred?

Yes, since the leveling program is based on the ability of the rider, riding a Purebred Arabian or a Half-Arabian/Anglo Arabian does not change their level.  If the exhibitor is a Select rider on a HA/AA, they will  be Select rider on a Purebred.


What happens if I change sections from Western Pleasure and to Hunter Pleasure?

If a rider switches sections (i.e. from Western Pleasure to Hunter Pleasure) your Achievement level starts over.


What about Leveling up?

Leveling up is now allowed per USEF rules (AR 110.2.g), however it is entirely up to each show if it will be allow.  You will need to check with show management and/or the prize list for that particular show.


Can I cross enter into a class in a section that counts toward leveling?

Yes, A rider may cross enter any class that counts toward Leveling IF that class is not leveled. i.e. SADDLE SEAT SECTON - A Rider in Arabian and/or HA/AA Country English Pleasure Select MAY enter  Arabian and/or  HA/AA Show Hack classes IF  Show Hack classes are not leveled.


Can I cross enter into my age division in the same section at a show?

This is entirely up to each show.  You will need to check with show management and/or the prize list for that particular show.


Can I be a different level for Local and Regional shows than I am for Nationals?

Yes, you can be Select for Nationals, but you may be Choice for Local and Regional shows.  Points accumulated at the National level count toward your local and Regional level status, but only National earned points count toward your National status.


What if I give up my Amateur status and go Pro will those point carry over?

No, Achievement Leveling points awarded to an exhibitor competing as a Youth and/or an Adult Amateur do not count against a rider crossing over into the Open Achievement Levels.


What if I do not show for years, can I drop back to a lower level?

Yes, An exhibitor can return to a lower level in a particular section if the exhibitor has not earned any points (National, Regional or Regular Competition) in the past 10 consecutive years in that particular defined section.