AHA Recognized Programs

AHA recognized programs give Arabian horse owners and enthusiasts a chance to experience and compete in various shows and events such as distance riding, one day shows and Arabian horse racing. Individuals can also receive qualifications for Regional and National events and recognized prestige by recording a horse’s achievement through awards and symbols though the various programs.

Achievement Awards

Earn recognition for you and your horse through the AHA Achievement Award programs. Amateur riders can participate in the year-end points race. Horses earn Achievement Awards points and have permanent symbols added to their name, signifying honor and prestige.


Competition Records

Gain access to Regional, local AHA Recognized shows and distance ride results. Plus, look up AHA Horse/Rider points and competition records by logging in with your AHA member number and password.


Distance Riding

Distance riding is a great sport for all ages and skill levels. It tests a horse's condition and stamina, rider intelligence and horsemanship under veterinary supervision on a cross-country trail. Most competitors own and train their own horses. Discipline, dedication and a sense of adventure are the most important ingredients for success. Competitive Trail and Endurance are the two most popular distance sports and Arabians excel at both. Other distance events include Ride & Tie competitions and Mounted Orienteering.


Value Shows

The AHA Value Show concept provides areas of the country with lower show horse populations, and/or smaller clubs an opportunity to hold AHA qualifying shows that are financially feasible for their circumstances.