2022 Resolutions 

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Amend AHA Bylaws Articles VI & VIII (Bylaws – 2/3rds vote) Approved with Modification
Charles Bass
Bylaws Committee
Amend AHA Bylaws Articles III (Bylaws – 2/3rds vote) Requiring All Individual Members be Assigned to a Member Organization Withdrawn
Josh Schildroth
Local Level Committee
Senior Judges (USEF/EC) Approved
Janet Henderson
Competition Advisory Committee
R Western Dressage Judges for Sport Horse (USEF/EC) Withdrawn
Karlan Downing
South Central Arabians of Texas
Allow USEF Arabian Judge to Officiate SHIH and SHUS Classes with an AHA Sport Horse Specialty Card; development of the SH Specialty Card (USEF/EC) Approved with Modification
Jeff Rutz
MN Half-Arabian Horse Association
Further Addressing Un-natural and Altered Tails (USEF/EC) Approved with Modification
Kathy Callahan-Smith
USEF Arabian Division Committee
Shoeing Rule Modification (USEF/EC) Approved with Modification
Lori Conway
Equine Stress Research & Education Committee
Use of Tongue Ties in the Show Ring for Horses in Full Bridles and Driving (USEF/EC) Approved with Modification
Cathy Vecsey
Arabian Horse Association of Arizona
Hunter Hack Warmup (USEF/EC) Approved
Allan Ehrlick
Hunter/Jumper Committee
Amends USEF 164.2 - Cross Rails 10 & Under Not to Canter in Under Saddle Classes (USEF/EC) Approved
Allan Ehrlick
Hunter/Jumper Committee
Dressage Seat Equitation – National’s Scoring/Placing (USEF/EC) Approved
Carol Spangler
Dressage & Western Dressage Committee
Addition of Western Dressage to the Sport Horse Disciplines (USEF/EC) Approved
Karlan Downing
South Central Arabians of Texas
Working Western Rewrite (USEF/EC) Approved with Modification
Jim Hitt
Working Western Committee
Horse Substitution in Equitation Classes (USEF/EC) Approved with Modification
Michelle Pease Paulsen
Equitation/Showmanship Committee
Horsemanship Lead Changes (USEF/EC) Approved
Michelle Pease Paulsen
Equitation/Showmanship Committee
Judges and Stewards Selection Committee Election Changes Approved with Modification
Peter Conway
5-90 Committee

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