Registration Transfer ImageWhy is transfering your new horse into your name important?


Transferring ownership of your Arabian horse in a timely and efficient manner after it is sold ensures that ownership of the horse is reflected accurately for breeding, showing and program awards purposes. It also helps the horse retain a higher value and provides an easier way to track the horses identity. Be sure to keep your horses ownership up to date!



To transfer the ownership of an Arabian horse, you will need the following things:


  • Original Certificate of Registration
    • The original Certificate of Registration is required to complete a transfer of ownership. If the original Certificate of Registration has been lost, please fill out a Duplicate Certificate Request and Affidavit Form and be sure to include the transfer of ownership information at the bottom of the form.


  • Seller Information
    • Be sure to fill out the Seller Section including the date of sale and seller signature. *If the recorded owner is an AND ownership, the signatures of both owners are required to transfer ownership.*


  • Buyer info
    • Fill out the Buyer Section with your information. If you are new to AHA and don’t have an Ownership Number, leave it blank and we will create one for you.


  • Transfer Fees

Reg Transfer Fee Schedule


For additional information, contact Registry Services at 303.696.4500 #2