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Interested in being part of the 2018 Youth Nationals? Click the link above or contact Brittney Kaiser at



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      Official Vendors



Convention Services
of the Southwest
1921 Bellamah NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104
Web Site




State Fair Park
Sarah Schoenhoff
Cattering Sales Manager


Daily Printed Results

Arabian Results, Ltd.
Christy Egan




Feed & Bedding

State Fair Park Feed & Bedding Service
PO Box 74943
Oklahoma City, OK 73147



Golf Carts

Golf Tournaments, Inc.
Dever, Inc
Reserve online



Medical Services

Equestrian Medial Services, LLC
5722 Ridge Rd NW
Piedmont, OK 73078




Avalon Photography
3939 w 50th St
Edina, NM 55424
Web Site



Port-A Fans LLC
2125 Cooks Lane
Ft. WOrth, TX 76120
Web Site



Stall Mat Rental

Rent A Stall Mat Co.





Vets & Farriers



   Jim Sproles Farrier Service
   1222 Fairgrounds rd
   Duncan, AZ 85534


   Equine Athlete Veterinary Services
   Dr Brad Hill
   Dr Ty Wallis


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Media Information

Thank you for your interest in Youth Nationals! We welcome all media and press outlets during the event. We ask that you give us notice if you are going to be on grounds. For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Mikayla Boge at



Press Releases 



AHA sends out a Daily Update video every day during Youth Nationals that contains interviews, exciting event coverage and more. If you would like to receive the Daily Update video, please email Alleynah Cofas at


2017 Daily Update Videos




2014-AHA Blue Room Logo-final-web


The hashtag for the 2018 show is #ahaYNL18. Use this on social media to tag photos, keep up with ride updates and news and more! 


 Plus, be sure to follow the Youth Nationals Facebook Event page!


The #ahaBlueRoom is the total Arabian horse, social media experience! Stop by the booth  at Youth Nationals for fun contests, prizes and so much more. Get in on all the action by following AHA and AHYA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat!


Here are the #ahaBlueRoom events for #ahaYNL18:


Friend Us!Snapchat: Keep on the watch for the snapchat takeovers that will ensue. You never know from who you might catch a glimpse. Don’t forget, If you follow us on Snapchat, prove it in person at the #ahaBlueRoom booth during #ahaYNL18

and you’ll get a free color changing AHYA cup (while supplies last)! 



Frame It: Find one of the frames placed on the show grounds and follow the instructions on the frame. Once you’ve taken a few good photos post it to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #ahaYNL18 for a chance to win some awesome prizes. Featured photos will be showcased on our social media . Winners will be picked based on most “likes” and “shares” along with creative flair. Don’t forget to tag your photos with #ahaYNL18! See you “framed” soon.


Caption It Contest: Be sure to like us on Facebook so you can caption our photos. We provide the photo, you caption it and we pick a winner!


 You don’t have to attend the show to participate in these fun contests! All contest submissions must use the #ahaYNL18 hashtag. Winners can swing by the #ahaBlueRoom booth to pick up their prizes or contact AHA for their prizes to be mailed.






T.A.I.L. Tour Information




Tour Times and Dates

  • National Meet a Horse Day - Saturday July 22nd

10 am, 2 pm, 4 pm

  • Sunday July 23rd

1 pm

  • Wednesday July 26th

10 am

  • Thursday July 27th 

3 pm

  • Friday July 28th

10 am, 2 pm


Contact AHA at or 303.597.8251 to reserve your spot.


Special Events