Halter Futurity

Anyone Can Dream - Anyone Can Win


Comp_HalterFut_PicOver $135,000 paid out in 2021 for US and Canadian Halter Futurity!

AHA's lowest entry fee Prize Money Program is a one shot competition for 3 year-old horses at both the U.S. and Canadian National Championship Shows.  Arabian and Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian foals must have been enrolled in-utero and renominated each year to be eligible to compete.


  • Futurity horses have more market value                   
  • Bring attention to your breeding program
  • Attract new buyers





  • AHA Foreign Members Who Earn Prize Money

    Foreign residents winning prize money at an event held in the States will be subject to income tax of 30% per Internal Revenue Service regulations.  This amount will be withheld from total winnings.
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Program Updates



Due to the postponement of the 2022 Canadian National Championship Show, the AHA Futurity Commission in conjunction with the Canadian and U.S. National Show Commissions have made the decision to hold the 2022 Canadian Halter Futurity Classes at the 2022 U.S. National Championship Show in Tulsa, OK.


The Canadian Halter Futurity Classes include:

  • Arabian Futurity Filly (Class 9977)
  • Arabian Futurity Colt (Class 9978)
  • Arabian Futurity Gelding (Class 9979)
  • HA/AA Futurity Filly (Class 9980)
  • HA/AA Futurity Gelding (Class 9981)


These classes will be held separate from the U.S. National Halter Futurity Classes and will be adjudicated by a separate panel of judges.


Horses who have not yet entered the U.S. National Championship Show will be able to enter these classes on-line.  Horses that have already been entered into the Show will need to submit an entry form indicating this is an added class for a horse already entered.



Horses that are dropped from the US and Canadian Halter Futurity Program are allowed to buy back into the program to be eligible to show.  The buy back is only available to horses that were enrolled in-utero into the program.  Horses must be reinstated (buy back) into the  program by the original closing date for that show.  Horses not reinstated into the program by this date will be notified and given seven days to buy back into the program.





Nominations and Renominations - National Halter Futurity Program

  • In-utero nomination/horse/country:
  • One-time processing fee/horse/country:
  • Weanling year renomination/horse/country:
  • Yearling year renomination/horse/country:
  • Two-year-old year renomination/horse/country:


Halter Futurity Buyback Program


If your horse has been dropped from the Halter Futurity Program due to non-payment, it may be reinstated by paying the following fees:
  • Arabians - $500 per horse/per country for each year missed in addition to the $35 renomination fee per horse/per country for each year missed.
  • Half-Arabians/Anglo-Arabians - $250 per horse/per country for each year missed in addition to the $35 renomination fee per horse/per country for each year missed.
  • In order to be eligible for the Halter Futurity Buyback Program, the horse must have originally been enrolled in-utero.


Office Charges


  • Renomination late fee /horse/country:
    (in addition to renomination, payment postmarked/transaction dated between January 1 and March 31)
  • Deceased foal replacement fee/horse:





DNA Parentage Requirement


All Half-Arabian Halter Futurity, Performance Futurity/Maturity/Derby, AEPA and AWPA classes at U.S. Nationals and Canadian Nationals will require DNA testing.  DNA type of the horse and the horse's Purebred Arabian parent must be placed on permanent record with the AHA Registry and the horse has been shown to qualify as an offspring of the stated purebred sire or purebred dam through DNA type testing. DNA testing will be at the owner's expense and must be on file with the AHA office before the horse will be eligible to compete. If the DNA is not on file at that time, the horse is ineligible to be shown and all nomination fees will be forfeited. 


To obtain a DNA testing kit for Half-Arabians, please contact Registry Services at 303.696.4500 #2.



Halter Futurity Payouts


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For additional information, contact Competition Services at 303.696.4500 #4

or info.comp@arabianhorses.org