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They say that all you need to do is Meet an Arabian Horse to fall in love! Well that is what we at the Arabian Horse Association believe and we encourage all of our members to host their own Meet an Arabian Horse Event! These events can be anything from having an open house at your barn, to taking a horse to a school or retirement facility, or even a tractor supply or feed store. We encourage all of our members to help share the love of the Arabian Horse.

Check out this toolkit that provides great resources and how to's to help you create your own Meet an Arabian Horse Experience!






Arabian Horse Month 2020 horiz

May is Meet an Arabian Horse Month! 

Find your AHA moment during #MeetAnArabianHorse Month

At the Arabian Horse Association, we believe in finding your AHA moment. That’s why we stand by sharing the joy of Arabian horses with as many people as possible. With Meet an Arabian Horse Month, introducing the Arabian horse is easy! Participate in 30 days of positive Arabian horse interaction as we share virtual challenges, Arabian horse stories, and resources so you can grow closer to the world’s most versatile breed. This year AHA will be offering prizes and weekly giveaways to those who participate individually, as a club, or as a Discovery Farm.



How to Participate


  1. Sign up
  2. Turn on Post Notifications
      • Weekly challenges will be announced every Sunday during the month of May. Turn on those post notifications so you don’t miss a moment! Unlock your creativity with each challenge by creating a video, story, or post. Learn how to turn on notifications here:
  3. Post and Participate! Document the completion of the challenge by posting to social media and using the hashtag #MeetAnArabianHorse or by emailing your submission to marketing@arabianhorses.org.
  4. Enter to Win Prizes! Use the #MeetAnArabianHorse hashtag to be entered in the Weekly Giveaways!

Club or Discovery Farm?

If you are an AHA Club or Discovery Farm this challenge is for you! A $500.00 payout will be awarded to the top five Discovery Farms and Clubs who enroll the most new AHA members, with the top Discovery Farm and Club receiving an additional marketing package prize. You may host multiple virtual or in person events for this challenge. DEATILS FOR 2022 TO COME


  1. Sign up your club or Discovery Farm up for this challenge here.
  2. Host and Post! Post your event to the AHA website through the AHA Event Calendar. You can find the tutorial here.
  3. Utilize ResourcesDid you know AHA has an event checklist curated just for Meet an Arabian Horse Month events? Check out the marketing tooklit for checklist, how to’s, and more.
  4. Track! Track each person that signs up to be an AHA member by utilizing this form.
  5. Submit! Send your final number of members to AHA by June 1st. Winners will be announced on June 5th

Membership can be tracked with this form




We are here to support you along the way. If you have any questions or want some guidance when planning your virtual event contact us at marketing@arabianhorses.org or check out our resources available to help you run a virtual or live event in the marketing toolkit.