Prize Money Programs

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AHA awards more than $1 million in prize money annually through the Breeders Sweepstakes, Halter Futurities and Performance Futurity/Maturity Programs. If you are a serious breeder committed to creating competitive horses, these programs allow you to showcase your yearlings, on up through your aged horses before Regional and National audiences. Halter Futurity winners can win thousands of dollars in just one class during their three-year-old year.  Horses enrolled as Breeding Entries are eligible to win prize money at the Regional and National level for their entire life.




Arabian Breeders Sweepstakes


Nominate your foals to have a lifelong opportunity to earn prize money from the Breeders Sweepstakes Program. 



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Halter Futurity


Show off your young stock before a National audience in the most economical breeding program around.




Performance Futurity/Maturity Derby Program


These classes feature the best of the breed's young athletes, some of these young horses are sold before they even leave the arena.





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