Become a Judge

Below we will walk through the steps of how to become an AHA Judge and once you are a judge, how to move up through the levels.


Where to Start? - How to Become a Small r Judge




1. Meet Membership & Age Requirement

  • 3 years of AHA membership
  • 21 years of age




2. Judges School & Licensed Official Checklist

  • Start your USEF Licensed Official checklist
  • Attend all sessions of the AHA Judges School




3. Apprentice Judging

  • Apprentice a minimum of 3 shows with 3 seperate USEF/AHA licensed judges
  • Submit evaluation forms to AHA & USEF




4. Intent to Interview Form & Application

  • Submit forms to AHA for approval
  • Pay fee and provide 8 references




5. Testing & Interview (at Judges School)

  • Live judging
  • Written exam
  • Video testing & interview


Earning a Large R Promotion



1. Judges Licensed Official Checklist

  • Start your USEF Licensed Official checklist

2. Officiate a minimum of 5 days

  • 6hrs each day
  • minimum of 2 USEF/AHA competitions within the past 4 years.
  • at least 1 show needs to be outside of applicants AHA region.



3. Judge a minimum of 440 horses/entries

  • within past 6 years



4. Complete Form and Take Exam

  • Submit Application & Officiating Reporting Form to AHA
  • Take AHA Large R Promotion Exam through USEF


  5. Await USEF Approval



Promote to a National/Regional Rating



1. Complete each of the following:

  • Must be current "R" registered judge with USEF or EC
  • Must have maintained "R" rating for a minimum of 6 years and attended a minimum of 2 judges annual seminars
  • Must have judged a minimum of 10 USEF/AHA or EC/AHA Recognized shows within the past 8 years, one of which must have been at least 150 horses or you served as a Mentor Judge




2. Submit Application and Intent to Interview

  • Submit forms before that years Judges School & Seminar



3. Interview

  • Interview with EEC during Annual Judges School & Seminar


For additional information, contact