0079F-261_BorderTo compete at the Regional or National level, a horse must be qualified.


There are different rules that apply depending on the age of the horse and the particular class in which it will be shown. Riders who show in equitation or showmanship have specific rider qualifications that must be met.


For additional information, reference the full qualification chart or our Competitions Department can help answer your questions by emailing competitions@arabianhorses.org.


For complete qualification rules please refer to the AHA Handbook Chapter 14


Participation Qualifications


Leveling Sections Defined and Leveling Points Chart


Qualifications Made Easy


Qualification Flow Chart for Regional & National Equitation


Horse/Riders Points and Competition Records


Co-Ownership Rule


Achievement Leveling

Leveling classes allow exhibitors to compete with “true” peers in like ability and not be grouped strictly by ages .  Leveling points are based on Achievement Award Points which are found in Chapter 18 of the AHA Handbook.


Recognized Sections



Leveling Sections Defined and Leveling Points Chart



Leveling Frequently Asked Questions