Frequent Rider Program


If you're currently riding and competing with Arabian horses outside of the AHA-recognized show circuit, the Arabian Horse Association Incentive Programs are designed just for you. Whether you ride dressage or endurance, compete in local or open shows, or just enjoy getting out, saddling up and hitting the trail, there's a program just for you!


Fees Summary

  • Frequent Rider Program - $25 one time fee 
  • Log your hours from your rides to earn milestone achievements



Important Reminders

  • If you have already won the FRP High Hour Award in a past year you are not eligible to win it again.
  • A member must have an individual current AHA membership to enroll in FRP. Joint accounts will not be accepted.
  • At this time we are unable to process credit card transactions for Incentive Programs. Please call the  AHA office at 303.696.4500 option 4 for assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Beginning July 1st online event logs will not be accessible while we migrate the Incentive Programs to the new website.

  • Participants can still get credit for their hours in the saddle by submitting them on the Google Form we have created. The FRP Google Form can be found here.



MSU_Sheyenne3Congratulations to Thomas L Snyder of Elizabeth, KY on winning the 2021 Frequent Rider Program (FRP) High Hour Award! Thomas logged a total of 586 hours on his Purebred Arabian mare MSU Sheyenne between January 1 and December 31, 2021.  He is receiving an engraved desk clock to commemorate his hourly achievement.


Tom purchased MSU Sheyenne in 2018, where their partnership began taking to the trails across the Bluegrass state of Kentucky, riding in clinics with Buck Brannaman, and taking the grandkids on many rides.



Living on a 200 acre farm Tom and Sheyenne were able to explore many beautiful trails, crossing streams and fields of wildflowers as well as coming into contact with a great diversity of wildlife. Including some types of livestock such as, an alpaca, a highlander steer, goats, pigs, and even chickens. They have even blended into a herd of deer on a trail ride on occasion.


The trails Tom and MSU Sheyenne have ridden have provided them with plenty of adventures and excitement and Tom would like to thank the Michigan State University for breeding and giving him the opportunity to own and ride such a wonderful mare. They look forward to future adventures including chances to work cattle, discover new trails, and learning new skills through vaquero horsemanship.



“I also appreciate the Arabian Horse Association for a program recognizing activities outside the showring; that is where most of us enjoy our Arabians. MSU Sheyenne will never wear a garland of roses, but proudly wears the distinction of Companion Arabian.”








AHA would like to show our appreciation and congratulate the Top Ten High Hour Award winners for 2021.


1 Thomas L. Snyder Elizabethtown, KY 586
2 Ellen Ross East Waterbord, ME 312
3 Debbie Canaday Juneau, AK 295.5
4 Kristy Boink Shawnee, CO 222
5 Kariann Marshall Lebanon, NJ 206.1
6 Susan Barlage New Prague, MN 203.6
7 Jill Feller Mayville, WI 185.5
8 Vicki Austin St Pauls, NC 180.4
9 Lisa Powell Hamilton, OH 151
10 Lynn Sroufe Fort Wayne, IN 141.7



Past High Hour Award Winners

  • 2021 - Thomas L Snyder
  • 2020 - No winner awarded
  • 2019 - Samantha Kirberger
  • 2018 - Phyllis Walsh
  • 2017 - Michelle Quirico


For additional information, contact Competition Services at 303.696.4500 #4