Frequent Rider Program


If you're currently riding and competing with Arabian horses outside of the AHA-recognized show circuit, the Arabian Horse Association Incentive Programs are designed just for you. Whether you ride dressage or endurance, compete in local or open shows, or just enjoy getting out, saddling up and hitting the trail, there's a program just for you!


Fees Summary

  • Frequent Rider Program - $25 one time fee 
  • Log your hours from your rides to earn milestone achievements



Important Reminders

  • If you have already won the FRP High Hour Award in a past year you are not eligible to win it again.
  • A member must have an individual current AHA membership to enroll in FRP. Joint accounts will not be accepted.
  • At this time we are unable to process credit card transactions for Incentive Programs. Please call the  AHA office at 303.696.4500 option 4 for assistance. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Beginning July 1st online event logs will not be accessible while we migrate the Incentive Programs to the new website.

  • Participants can still get credit for their hours in the saddle by submitting them on the Google Form we have created. The FRP Google Form can be found here.



22FRP_High_Hour_Winner1Congratulations to Sandra Adams of Bear Valley Springs, CA on winning the 2022 Frequent Rider Program (FRP) High Hour Award! Sandra logged a total of 590 hours on her two Purebred Arabian mares Fadjur Hasan and DSA Spanish Rose between January 1 and December 31, 2022. She is receiving an engraved desk clock to commemorate her hourly achievement.


Growing up in Southern California, Sandra loved riding horses and that continued into adulthood as she went through college and raised her two daughters. Sandra and her horses have earned many awards in both regional and national shows and rides as well as winning one Model award in endurance, with commendable success on the mounted search and rescue team. She has taught private lessons as well as equine classes at California State University-Fullerton.



Now she spends her days managing a small vineyard with her husband Gary Adams in Tehachapi where she continues to ride and enjoy her horses her main mount being Fadjur Hasan. In 2022, Sandy spent some of her time rehabbing from knee surgery and riding was the best therapy with Shae or Fadjur Hasan, and they made great use of the 52 miles of trails in their community. They spent a lot of time in Bear Valley conditioning with an uphill trail of 5 miles and earning miles along other trails.


They spent many hours and miles trotting up and down hills and switchbacks to get back in shape for competitions in 2023. They have hopes to compete in a few LDs this year. Sandra also rode a few other horses in 2022, including her horse DSA Spanish Rose and although she hasn’t covered as many miles as Fadjur Hasan, Sandy still has great hopes for her.



Sandra certainly has put in the work with her two mares in 2022 and has the hours to prove it! On behalf of AHA, we say congratulations again on her accomplishment and wish her the best of luck this season!









AHA would like to show our appreciation and congratulate the Top Ten High Hour Award winners for 2022.


1 Sandra Adams Bear Valley Springs, CA 590
2 Thomas L Snyder Elizabethtown, KY 321
3 Ellen Ross East Waterboro, ME 298.7
4 Debbie Canaday Juneau, AK 294.2
5 Kariann Marshall Lebanon, NJ 184.7
6 Jill Feller Mayville, WI 178.7
7 Kristy Boink Shawnee, CO 171.5
8 Viola Martin McCleary, WA 170.5
9 Vicki Austin St Pauls, NC 166.4
10 Susan Miller McMinnville, TN 146.7



Past High Hour Award Winners

  • 2021 - Thomas L Snyder
  • 2020 - No winner awarded
  • 2019 - Samantha Kirberger
  • 2018 - Phyllis Walsh
  • 2017 - Michelle Quirico


For additional information, contact Competition Services at 303.696.4500 Option 1