Judges and Stewards


The Arabian horse Association Judges & Stewards office exists for the purpose of evaluating and educating current and future judges and stewards; maintaining the integrity of the Arabian breed both inside and outside of the show ring; and to provide accurate and updated information to the industry regarding the breed standard, rules and regulations and more. 



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Become a Judge


Get steps on how to become a judge or level up your judging career.






A variety of educational opportunities, video tutorials and more to assist in your education as you become a rated Arabian horse judge or steward. 


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Seminar & School


The Judges & Exhibitors School and Seminar, Arabian Horse Judges Evaluation, and the National and Regional Interviews are all a part of the process of educating the future judges and stewards for the industry. 






How do you become a steward and how can you be recognized by AHA?


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Find all patterns and score cards needed for judges.






Looking for a current AHA Judge or Steward? Find them here.





For additional information, contact judgesstewards@arabianhorses.org