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Discovery Farm

If you’ve never encountered an Arabian horse up close, start your adventure by visiting a Discovery Farm. This unique program offers you the opportunity to explore Arabian horses at farms where knowledgeable owners are delighted to introduce you to their horses and answer questions in a relaxed, no-pressure, non-sales atmosphere. You’ll learn all about the breed characteristics, and gain first hand knowledge of what makes this breed truly special. There are hundreds of Discovery Farms across the country and you can easily locate several near you.


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Writing Prompt

New Activity! Each month we will provide a writing prompt in our monthly newsletter. We encourage youth to write a short paragraph, story, poem or any other type of creative writing piece and submit to AHA before the end of the month. Submissions will then be looked at and highlighted on our social media channels. Each month we will pick our favorite and they will receive a gift certificate for a CINCH shirt or pair of jeans! To submit your entry you must be an AHA member in good standing and can submit your entry below.

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Activity Pages

Download free Activity pages for your horse loving kids! Downloadable pdfs include

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  • word search
  • ad lib
  • fun recipies
  • coloring pages
  • fun book
  • crossword
  • fun facts


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  • Other items that can be mailed to you include:
    • Breed Ideal Flyer
    • Color and Marking Guide
    • Disciplines Descriptions Flyer
    • Previous Issues of Arabian Horse Life
    • Breed Brochure

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