Outreach Programs

Are you a farm looking for ways to bring new people into the Arabian horse industry and to reach for your own programs. Check out the program outlines below. Each outline is created to help you get started creating your own outreach program. Remember each of these programs can be adapted to best fit your needs so please feel free to be creative.



Meet an Arabian Horse


Find your AHA moment during #MeetAnArabianHorse Month

At the Arabian Horse Association, we believe in finding your AHA moment. That’s why we stand by sharing the joy of Arabian horses with as many people as possible. With Meet an Arabian Horse Month, introducing the Arabian horse is easy! Participate in 30 days of positive Arabian horse interaction as we share virtual challenges, Arabian horse stories, and resources so you can grow closer to the world’s most versatile breed. 


T.A.I.L. (Total Arabian Interaction Learning)


The program's goal is simple-make people feel comfortable and welcome and they'll want more of the Arabian horse. T.A.I.L. has the potential to benefit all facets of the Arabian horse industry. The program helps to put a friendly face on our organization, but also gives trainers and breeders a chance to meet prospective new owners. After the T.A.I.L. experience is over, kids and parents want to know where they can find riding lessons!


Discovery Farms


If you own Arabian horses and want to share your passion for the Arabian breed with newcomers, sign up to become a Discovery Farm and share your knowledge about the Arabian horse with interested visitors of all ages and equine backgrounds. AHA will assist you by providing promotional literature to help promote the breed to your farm visitors. The only requirement to become a discovery farm is an active AHA membership and a willingness to introduce newcomers to your Arabian horses.



Lucky Listener


Our literacy program aims to ignite a passion and a spark for reading, with a special twist - HORSES. Children who struggle to find fun in reading by themselves can find that special spark by reading to a horse. In our program, the children will be invited to visit an Arabian horse farm, and read to, and with horses. In addition to the literacy piece, the children will learn more about horses in a safe, controlled environment and spend some time with the oldest and most magical breed, an Arabian horse.


Airbnb Experience


An Airbnb Experience gives travelers an opportunity to book a unique and niche experience they cannot find anywhere else. A Booking.com study of 20,500 global travelers revealed that 62 percent of travelers want to experience new cultures, 52 percent want to taste local cuisines and 33 percent want to embrace meeting new people.


Marketing Toolkit


The Arabian Horse Association would like to help its members in planning and running their own Meet an Arabian Horse event and outreach programs. Check out this toolkit for some materials and guides to help you plan, execute, and run your very own Meet an Arabian Horse Event.


Local Level Committee


Are you interested in helping create and promote more of these outreach programs? Are you active in your local community and have a passion for bringing more people into the Arabian Horse Community? Join the Local Level Committee. Please complete the application below. Contact marketing@arabianhorses.org with any questions.